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Look what the cat dragged in...

...let's go and poke it with the mouse!

23 April
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Hm. Tell you something about me. Let's see: I'm currently a student. I'm a little reserved, I love all kinds of rhythm, but try not to be a creature of habit. I love dry, witty humor and laughing. I like forests, all kinds of animals, chocolate pudding and skater shoes. I don't really get what people see in fancy cars though. I think René O'Connor, Emma Watson, Maggie Smith, Eliza Dushku, Jill Hennessy, Jessica Capshaw and Meryl Streep are freaking HOT. Also I admire helpful people and try to be so myself, help old ladies across the street, don't kill bugs and don't eat the last cookie (well, most of the time).
That enough about me? Yep, think so.